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PertinacePiedmontese winemaking traditions

Our philosophy

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Cantina Pertinace wines are part of traditional Piedmont winemaking at its purest – from care of the vineyards, looked after personally by the contributing members, to the winemaking and ageing processes, the production of Barbaresco, Nebbiolo d’Alba, Dolcetto and Barbera d’Alba is oriented towards a classic, elegant style.

The production and refining areas at Cantina Pertinace are a faithful reflection of its philosophy. Tall stainless steel tanks contrast with aisles of great 40 to 105 hectolitre wooden casks where ageing takes place in cool, quiet half-light.

The three crus – Castellizzano, Marcarini and Nervo (Barbaresco MeGa or Additional Geographic Mention crus) and Barbaresco DOCG are all produced following the same rules; without exception, they rest in great casks for 18 months. Despite their similar gestation, the resultant wines have very different personalities, strongly influenced by the differences in terroir, the reflection of careful, constant work in the vineyards.

In addition to Barbaresco Castellizzano DOCGBarbaresco Marcarini DOCGBarbaresco Nervo DOCG and Barbaresco DOCG, the range of Pertinace wines also includes more everyday traditional Piedmont wines.

A great producer of Langhe Nebbiolo and Barbera d’Alba, Cantina Pertinace pays special attention to the production and marketing of Dolcetto, Piedmont’s everyday wine par excellence.










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